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Education and Raising Public Awareness in Russia
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Kytalyk Wetlands

Map for Kytalyk Site in Republic Sakha/Yakutia

Geographic Location

These wetlands are found along the coastal territory between the Khromskaya Guba (Bay) and the Sundrun River mouth in the Republic Sakha/Yakutia. The site ranges between 0.4 – 71 m above sea level in the Indigirka River Delta, between the Khroma and Sundrun rivers. The surrounding coordinates are 70° 30' and 72° 35' N and 143° 00' and 152° 30' E.


This site totals approximately 1,608,000 ha, and comprises important breeding and moulting areas for waterfowl. It is an important nesting area for the eastern population of Siberian Crane, and provides summer habitats along a migration route of Wild Reindeer. The Indigirka Delta and the territory between the Khroma and Sundrun Rivers provide favorable habitats for rare animals, such as Brent Goose, Bewick's Swan, Spectacled Eider, Steller's Eider, Siberian Crane, and Ross's Gull along with economically important species, Long-tailed Duck and Northern Pintail.

Conservation Status

The Kytalyk State Resource Reservation was designated by the Government of Republic Sakha (Yakutia) on 12 August 1996. It was established on the territories of two existing zakazniks (game refuges) - Elon' and Khroma. The territory of the Reservation is under special protective and management regime is enforced by the law on “Specially protected nature sites of Republic Sakha (Yakutia)” and the Statute of the Kytalyk Resource Reservation. Four rangers carry out practical protection of the Reservation. The entire territory of the Resource Reservation is divided into several functional zones differing in terms of protective regime and use and management of natural resources: seasonally closed zones, "sacred grounds", traditional land-use zones, licensed reindeer hunting zones, and commercial fishing zones. Shooting waterfowl is prohibited in all of these zones. Moreover, hunting for all game birds and wild reindeer as well as fishing with nets are banned between 15 May and 30 September in the seasonally closed zones. During this period, no visits to the zone are permitted either by land or water except for the personnel of the Resource Reservation. Also, aircraft of all types are not allowed to cross the air space over the zone at an altitude below 500 m.

Critical site encompasses a major portion of the breeding rage of the eastern population and increased legal protection is an urgent priority to regulate resource use and improve management. Phase 2 – focusing on management systems and ecotourism development.

SCWP Objectives

A proposal has been made to expand the territory of the Reservation by 877,600 ha. This would lead to the protection of areas around lakes Krugloye, Lebedinoye, and Arylaakh, which are known to harbor at least 10 pairs of the Siberian Crane, as well as provide moulting ground of Whooper Swans and a place of congregation of migratory birds in spring. The necessary documentation has been submitted for consideration by the Government of Republic Sakha (Yakutia). The SCWP is working to improve protection of the area, regulate resource use and improve management of the reserve. During Phase 2, the project will focus on management systems and ecotourism development in addition to an ongoing education and public awareness program.



Observation tower in Kupsky.

Sandhill crane nest

Juvenile sibes feeding.


June 2005

5 pairs of Hooded crane found in Chabda Resource Reserve .

May 2005

Observation tower constructed in Kupsky Resource Reserve.

Waterbird counts find 203 Siberian cranes in flocks from 3 to 50 individuals.


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