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Konda and Alymka River Basins Wetlands

Map for Konda-Alymka Site

Geographic Location

This wetland is located in the southwestern part of the West Siberian Lowland, between the Konda and Alymka River basins and the Irtysh River. It spans vast territories of the Kondinsky Rayon, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, and Uvatsky and Tobol'sky rayons in Tyumen Oblast. The site lies between 59° 25' N, 68° 30' E; 58° 20' N, 67° 50' E; 59° 15' N, 68° 04' E; and 59° 16' N, 67° 00' E.


This 157,000 ha wetland is a unique nesting place for many birds including rare species and an important waterbird staging area during migrations. It is a breeding area for the western population of Siberian crane and needs immediate interventions to secure legal protection and regulate and curtail destructive resource use.

Conservation Status

Two oblast-level zakazniks on part of the project site in the Tyumen Oblast were set up by the Administration of Tyumen Oblast on 8 August and 7 December 1998.

SCWP Objectives

The SCWP is working to strengthen and enforce the existing regime of two zakazniks, building capacity for the enforcement of existing laws on use of natural resources (forest, wildlife, fish) on the territories adjacent to protected areas. The project is seeking to maintain enforcement of ecological regulations in relation to oil and gas exploration on the territories adjacent to protected areas and develop and enforce penalties and compensations when oil and gas exploration laws are broken. It will also work with oil and gas companies as far as possible to in order to encourage responsible environmental practices in the area. A Site Management Committee will be established, in order to provide a forum for stakeholder participation, and a site management plan will be developed.

The SCWP is also working to organize an oblast level zakaznik (~100,000 ha) in Kondinskiy District of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area on a territory adjacent to the existing zakazniks. This will collectively form one contiguous protected area in three different administrative regions.


River basin in Konda-Alymka

Wetlands in Konda-Alymka River basins

Oil prospecting at Konda-Alymka

SCWP staff at stakeholder meeting

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