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SCWP informational booklets, calendars and CDs distributed at the photo exhibition on World Wetlands Day

United Nations Development Program representative Steliana Nedera




Celebration of World Wetlands Day in Kazakhstan

On the 2nd of February, the photo exhibition, "Wetlands Are an Oasis of the Steppe Ecosystem" was organized at the Presidential Centre of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK)in Astana city. Banners, booklets and stands with photographs of animals, birds, plants and wetland landscapes of Kazakhstan were presented at the exhibition. The pictures were taken by amateur photographers, and the simple and original photography, based on natural vision, enabled the visitors of the exhibition to see the beauty and unique nature of natural wealth of Kazakhstan and to realize the prospects and importance of their conservation.

Photo exhibition, "Wetlands Are an Oasis of the Steppe Ecosystem"

The opening ceremony was accompanied by congratulations of exhibition visitors on behalf of the Forestry and Hunting Committee MA RK and the United Nationals Development Program. Scientific-popular films on Kazakhstan wetlands shot within the framework of the projects: Alakoi-Sasykkol and Naurzum Lake Systems were shown during the exhibition. The lectures of local universities addressed the project manager, Vera Inyutina, with a request to deliver the project films and educational materials for distribution at student libraries and broad demonstration.

SCWP National Project Director, Duisekeev Bakytbek, addresses visitors
to the World Wetlands Day exhibition

Inyutina Vera, SCWP National Project Manager and Kerteshev Talgat,
United Nations Development Program Wetland Project Manager.

The holiday was also celebrated at a high level at the Naurzum National Nature Reserve. The wetlands - Naurzum Lake System, a globally significant area for migratory birds, was certified by the Secretariat of the Bonn Convention for the international network on the conservation of one of the rarest species - Siberian Crane, nominated for the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance, and included into the list of key Important Bird Areas in 2007. In 2008, the Naurzum and the Korgalizhin Reserves were registered within the list of the World Heritage sites of UNESCO.

Representatives of the Akimat (government), schools, regional and children’s library, SES, public prosecutor's office and other institutions were invited to the action. In spite of strong frosty wind and remoteness of the administrative building of the reserve, all guests of the workshop came to the event.

World Wetlands Day workshop at Naurzum National Nature Reserve

The Deputy Director of the Naurzum Reserve, Mariya Zeinelova, spoke about an important task of management for the wetlands and their inhabitant's conservation. The management plan of a new zakaznik - Zharsor – Urkash - was presented. The zakaznik includes a number of salty lakes and small salty lakes and is of special significance for many thousand of migrating flocks of Eurasian Cranes, the greatest number of which reaches more than 15,000 birds during spring and autumn migration.

The following natural zakazniks of national significance are also under operational management of the Naurzum Reserve: Tounsor Zakaznik, rich with biodiversity and original lakes, vitally important for such migrants as Red-breasted Geese, Lesser White-fronted Geese, White-headed Duck, Ferruginous Duck, Velvet Scoter and many other globally significant bird species. Many threatened bird species feel comfortable at the lake system of Sarykopa Zakaznik: the Spoonbill, the Glossy Ibis, the White and Dalmatian Pelicans, the Great Black-headed Gull and others. Many lakes are rich with fish and therefore attract a great number of sea gulls, grebes, cormorants and pelicans. Sometimes the gracious flamingo comes here.

Video films "Flora and Fauna Kingdom of the Naurzum Reserve” were demonstrated after the presentation; the film was shot in the course of activity of the Siberian Crane Wetland Project. The guests of the workshop were impressed by the film. 

The representative of the Central-Asian book publishing house for educational and scientific literature, Pavel Kosovich, a biologist-naturalist was present at the event.  He got interested in the materials for a book about Naurzum prepared within the framework of the project. Mr. Kosovich told about a great interest in game reserves of the Republic of Kazakhstan in neighboring countries. For instance, many people in Russia are aware of Borovoye resort area due to great amount of available literature, but only a small number of learned people know about the Naurzum Reserve. The publication of this book will allow people from Russia and Asia to learn about the Naurzum Reserve. This book will distribute useful information, which will be of interest to both readers and tourists.

Thematic lessons were conducted at all schools of Naurzum, the schoolchildren realized the global significance of the Naurzum Reserve and the need for the conservation of wetlands once again.

In February, actions were organized at all project  sites: at the wetlands of the Alakol - Sasykol system: at Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas, the Alakol Reserve, at a pilot school named after M. Mynbayev, a program on wetland conservation was introduced, open lessons were conducted, drawing contest was organized every year and wall newspapers were prepared. The contest winners were awarded diplomas. In conclusion, schoolchildren of the 6th form performed a thematic concert program. The school was delivered demonstration material on Alakol wetlands.

At the wetlands of Korgalizhin lake system: a presentation on wetlands was made at Korgalzhyn School jointly with the employees of educational department of the Korgalzhyn Reserve. Also a contest on best knowledge on wetlands was organized for schoolchildren of the 7th form.

At Shalkar village school: a theatrical performance "When Swan are Sleeping" after M.Makatayev presented by children of a drama school club was organized especially for the Wetland Day. And children from the Ecoclub recently organized a puppet theatre and prepared show especially for the Wetland Day. The spectators were schoolchildren and little rural inhabitants of Koraglzhyn village.

All activities organized within the framework of partner's projects were of interest and provided new knowledge for the population, who are responsible for the conservation of their native nature.

For more information contact:
National Project Manager
Vera Inyutina,
Astana city, tel./fax:8 (7172) 536652
e-mail: vera.inyutina@mail.ru
Expert on Public Participation
Yekaterina Salyutina
Astana city, tel./fax:8 (7172) 340 145

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