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Mr. Kairat Ustemirov, Head of the Forestry Department, and project managers discuss the future of alternative livelihood activities.





Meeting on Alternative Livelihood Programs
Astana, Kazakhstan

On March 27, 2009, a national workshop, "Development of Alternative Livelihoods within the Framework of International Projects," was held in Astana, Kazakhstan. The workshop was organized on the initiative of the Forestry and Hunting Committee of MA Republic of Kazakhstan (RK). The objective of the workshop was to present achievements of international projects, discussion of difficulties, and provide assistance to new managers in reducing human impacts on game reserves, zakazniks and wetland ecosystems.

The most profound presentations were from the UNDP/GEF project, "Integrated Conservation of Priority Globally Significant Wetlands as Habitats for Migratory Birds," and UNEP/GEF Siberian Crane Wetland Project, due to great experience gained in the solution of tasks in search of alternative livelihoods and mechanisms of financial support.

The international UNDP/GEF Wetland Project and the SCWP, both focusing on wetland biodiversity conservation, have organized workshops and information actions on awareness raising of the problems of wetland ecosystem conservation every year for more than four years, and as a result have become more active at all project sites.

The following representatives were invited to the event: the Forestry and Hunting Committee MA RK, UNDP, the Fund of Financial Support to Agriculture, the Association on the Conservation of Biodiversity in Kazakhstan, the Committee on the Development of Rural Areas MA RK, GLPR "Semey Prmany" GLPR,  "Ertis Ormany", the Project on Agrobiodiversity, the Project on the Conservation of Altai-Sayan Ecosystem, the Project on the conservation of forests and increase of forest density, the Project on the conservation of steppe ecosystems.

The Project Manager, Ms. Vera Inyutina (above), presented on her experiences working with local populations, the role of organizing wide-scale awareness raising actions, such as the Crane Festival, Wetland Day, Biodiversity Conservation Day, marches of parks, games for raising the activity of the local population and participation in activities on the conservation of wetlands and their inhabitants. The greatest number of questions concerned the creation of resource informational centers and NGOs.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the representative of the Forestry and Hunting Committee, Mr. Kairat Ustemirov, the Head of the Forestry Department, recommended creating new projects for the project sites for successful continuation of these activities.

For more information contact:

SCWP National Project Manager
Vera Inyutina,
Astana city, tel./fax:8 (7172) 536652
e-mail: vera.inyutina@mail.ru

Ekaterina Salyutina
SCWP Expert on Public Relations
Astana city, tel./fax:8 (7172) 340145

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