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A captive-bred Siberian Crane was released at Fereydoon Kenar in northern Iran on 13 December 2008. The crane joins a single wild Siberian Crane that returned to the wintering site this fall.





2008 Siberian Crane Release Program, I. R. of Iran

On 9 December 2008 one captive-bred Siberian Crane (female named Neya) was transferred to Iran from the Oka Crane Breeding Center (OCBC), Russia, accompanied by Kirill Postelnykh, OCBC staff. This bird was hatched in 2005 at the OCBC and parent reared.

On 10 December the crane was transferred to Fereydoon Kenar (FDK) and placed in a pen, where she was banded with a white plastic band with black number 185 on the right leg and standard metal band A16090 on the left leg. In addition, some blood samples were taken from the bird by veterinarians.

On 13 December Neya was released at the FDK damgah, with a wild male Siberian Crane that had returned to the wintering site on 26 October. Before release a satellite transmitter (No. #82129) was fitted on Neya's back. After release Neya joined the wild crane, but did not fly with him to the roosting site and stayed at the FDK damgah. Since 20th December Neya has left the damgah for a farm close to Suteh village. Food availability may be the main reason for this change, as Neya has been observed feeding on small fish on the farm.

From 5th January the two Siberian Cranes have paired. Now we are receiving regular PTT signals from the banded female, and the cranes are ready to migrate. The two cranes left FDK on 25th February at 10:30 am. As usual, the cranes soared high above the damgahs before their departure. Previously, the cranes left the area on the 24th, but they returned to FDK for one day after moving to the northwest. View an interactive map of the spring migration

After release, Neya joined a wild Siberian Crane at the Fereydoon Kenar damgah.

Wild Siberian Crane at Fereydoon Kenar Damgah 19 November 2008.
Photo by Sadegh Sadeghi Zadegan

For more information on this program please contact:
Sadegh Sadeghi Zadegan, National Project Manager
Azin Fazeli, National Technical Officer
Department of Environment, Tehran, Iran
Tel/Fax: 0098-21-88244669

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