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Capacity Building and Co-managment in Iran
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Supporting Wetland Management and Improved Livelihoods at Fereydoon Kenar, Iran Through Development of Trappers Associations and Trust Funds

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Education and Raising Public Awareness in Iran
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Bujagh / Sefid Rud Delta

Geographic Location

The site is located at 37° 20'N, 49° 55'E, 20-25 m below sea level, approximately 40 km east of Bandar Anzali, Gilan. The mouth of the Sefid Rud River lies west of Bujagh Non-Hunting area and east of Bandar Kiashar Lagoon.


The delta is a shallow sea bay, formerly a brackish lagoon, associated with freshwater marshes and the nearby riverine marshes at the mouth of the Sefid Rud in the southwest Caspian. It is important as spawning and nursery grounds for fish and as breeding, staging and wintering area for a wide variety of waterfowl. Total site area is 2,460 ha (500 ha Kiashahr lagoon and 1,960 ha Bujagh Non-Hunting Area).

Conservation Status

The entire site has been designated as a National Park.

Bandar Kiashahr Lagoon: Bandar Kiashahr Lagoon and the mouth of Sefid Rud were designated as a Ramsar Site on 23 June 1975. The Ramsar Site (500 ha) includes the whole of the lagoon area, its associated marshes and the marshes and sand flats at the mouth of the Sefid Rud to the west. The site has been identified as an "Important Bird Area" by BirdLife International (Evans, 1994).

Bujagh: There are two guard stations, with a complement of 14 seasonal guards for waterbird protection, and 8 full time guards for fisheries protection. The site has an excellent communications system with a radio at one guard station, through which all staff can communicate with each other by walkie-talkie. Staff can use landrovers and motorbikes for transportation.

SCWP Objectives

Bujagh is a Phase 2 site, with very limited intervention during Phase 1 (focusing on increasing staff resources and training). The project will include investigations to assess ecological changes which have occurred at the wetland, and to identify ways of reducing the disturbance to waterfowl from fishing activities. The project will work toward expansion of the Ramsar site to cover the western part of the Sefid Rud River (encompassing the whole National Park). In collaboration with the CMS, the project will work to establish this site as a safe wintering area for released Siberian Cranes.

The project will assist in developing the management capacity at this important National Park, through developing additional guard stations and an environmental monitoring centre, providing equipment, increasing the number of staff and providing training. A Site Management Committee will be established, and a site management plan developed in consultation with local stakeholders.




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