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Capacity Building and Co-managment in Iran
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Supporting Wetland Management and Improved Livelihoods at Fereydoon Kenar, Iran Through Development of Trappers Associations and Trust Funds

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Education and Raising Public Awareness in Iran
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Amir Kelayeh and Rud Posht

Amir Kelayeh and Rud Posht Map

Geographic Location

The site is located at 37° 18'N, 50° 10'E, 20-25 m below sea level, on the coastal plain of the Caspian Sea, about 10 km north of Lahigan, Gilan.


The site is a permanent freshwater lake with extensive reed-beds in the southwest Caspian lowlands. It is important for passage and wintering waterfowl, notably the Pygmy Cormorant Phalacrocorax pygmaeus and Red-crested Pochard Netta rufina. Amirkelayeh lake is protected as a Wildlife Refuge, and has been designated as a Ramsar Site. The total site area is 1,830 ha; including Amir Kelayeh (1,230 ha) and Rud Posht (600 ha).

Conservation Status

The lake and marshes surrounding Amir Kelayeh were designated as a Protected Region in 1970 and upgraded to Wildlife Refuge (1,230 ha) in 1971. This Wildlife Refuge of 1,230 ha was designated as a Ramsar Site on 23 June 1975. The Iran Department of Environment re-established control of the area in 1994, and duck hunting was stopped. The lake has been identified as an "Important Bird Area" by BirdLife International (Evans, 1994).

Rud Posht has no official designation or conservation status. Management of the area is done by local people to preserve the area for trapping waterfowl.

The lake is suffering from nutrient enrichment as a result of run-off from surrounding ricefields, causing excessive weed-growth and fish kills.

SCWP Objectives

Amir Kelayeh is a Phase 2 site, with a relatively small level of intervention. The project will work towards the designation of Rud Posht as an extension of Amir Kelayeh Ramsar Site and potentially as a Non-Shooting Area. The project is also seeking ways to develop closer relations between the reserve and local communities. The project will work to have guards recruited from the local community to control the area so that illegal hunting does not occur. The project will implement monitoring and integrated management plans to improve the scientific understanding and management of the site. This area provides suitable habitat for Siberian Cranes, with the same form of protection by local communities as at Fereydoon Kenar. The project will support research to investigate the nutrient enrichment problem in the lake and to propose some management solutions.


Riverbed in Amir Kelayeh

Waterbirds in Amir Kelayeh


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