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Click here to view the 2009 spring migration map and the last known locations of both banded cranes. Mapping provided by Signals of Spring.

Click on the links below to learn more about the Siberian Crane flyways.

The Siberian Crane's Eastern Asian Flyway
Fact Sheet 2.7 MB PDF

The Siberian Crane's Western/Central
Asian Flyway
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Siberian Crane Migration

Join us in our study of Siberian Crane migration. In 2008 SCWP researchers and colleagues banded three Siberian Cranes to learn more about the species' migration routes in Asia.

In August 2008 researchers banded two Siberian Crane chicks on the species' breeding grounds in northeastern Russian. We tracked both chicks as they completed their first southern migration in fall 2008 to their wintering area in the Poyang Lake Basin, China. The following spring we tracked one of the cranes (Bai He, formerly 59947) on its return migration north (a 6,000 mile round trip!). We tracked Bai He for a full year before we stopped received data from his location transmitter.

In winter 2008/2009, we also began following a Siberian Crane in western Asia. This Siberian Crane, Neya, was released in December 2008 on the species' wintering grounds in northern Iran (learn more about the release). In late February 2009 Neya moved approximately 240 km northwest from her wintering site at Fereydoon Kenar. Unfortunately, we stopped receiving location data from her transmitter in early March 2009.

Bai He (left) was photographed during his first spring migration in late March 2009 in Liaoning Province, China. Researchers monitored the young crane for one year, increasing our understanding of the species' migration routes in eastern Asia. Photo by Zhu Ying

Neya (left) was raised in captivity at the Oka Crane Breeding Center in western
Russia and released at Fereydoon Kenar, Iran in December 2008. She paired
with a wild male Siberian Crane (right), who returned to the wintering grounds in
fall 2008. Photo by Sadegh Sadeghi Zadegan


Where are they now?

Bai He:
Last known location Sakha Republic (Yakutia), northeastern Russia (August 2009)

Neya: Last known location near Bujagh National Park, northern Iran (March 2009)

Attention Educators:

Click here to learn more about the migration studies and follow the migrations in your classroom. Visit our blog to read field updates and learn more about our education activities.


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