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Inya and Vitim in captivity at Fereydoonkenar (before release)





2007 Siberian Crane Release Program, I.R. of Iran

On 26 January 2007 two captive-bred Siberian Cranes (Inya♀ and Vitim♂) were transferred to Iran from Oka Biosphere Reserve in Russia. The birds were hatched and reared at the Oka Crane Breeding Center. Both birds were parent reared. The female hatched in 2004, and the male hatched in 2005. These cranes were in good physical condition.

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Siberian Crane

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Siberian Crane
From the wild
From the wild

Just after arrival in Tehran, the birds were driven to Fereydoon Kenar and placed in a pen built in a damgah (duck trapping area).  After three days (29th January), the captive-bred female was released at Fereydoon Kenar Damgah with a wild male.  The released female was banded with a yellow plastic band #55 with attached satellite transmitter (PTT) #33244 on the left leg and standard metal band #A145910 on the right leg.  After release the captive bird (INYA) joined the wild male cranes. After three days the released crane paired with the wild male, and together they started to unison call. They kept together, and the three cranes started migration on 28 February 2007.

Transported birds to Fereydoon Kenar

Inya and Vitim in captivity at Fereydoon Kenar (before release)

Unfortunately immediately after departure (when they left the Damgah) we did not receive any satellite transmitter data from the released female crane. The captive-bred male (VITIM) was kept in captivity at Fereydoon Kenar during spring and summer 2007 to be released in autumn 2007, banded with a standard metal band #A145911. Later he was banded with two plastic bands (green above and red below).

Vitim with the new bands

On the night of 3 November 2007, only one male wild crane (probably the same one reported at Naurzum Nature Reserve in Kazakhstan) arrived on the wintering grounds at Ezbaran Damgah. As planned on 14 November 2007 the captive-bred male (VITIM) was released at Fereydoon Kenar Damgah along with the single wild male.

Click here for an update on the spring 2008 migration.

Vitim released at Fereydoon Kenar

For more information on this program please contact:
Sadeghi Zadegan, SCWP National Project Manager
Department of Environment, Tehran, Iran
Tel/Fax: 0098-21-88244669

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